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Landmark Church Life Groups

Landmark Church Life Groups

There has never been a more critical time for us to be connected than now! The enemy loves to see us isolated and at each other's throats. At Landmark Church we believe in, and lean into, the POWER of community! Small Groups are about doing life together and supporting each other as we take the next step on our spiritual journey.

Here are several ways that you can connect through a life group.

Life Groups

Life Groups meet weekly with the purpose of sharing life together. Each Life Group leader builds a group around their own gifts or interests. Whether you love books, Bible study, bowling or balloon animals, I guarantee you there is someone else who shares your passion. If you don't see a group that interests you, start one that does!

Freedom Groups

Freedom Groups meet weekly to discuss what true freedom means and how to obtain it. Freedom Groups provide clarity on how to lead a victorious life in Christ. You will learn the foundational truths that help you establish a firm understanding of why Christ died for us and how that helps us lead an abundant life, free of fear and self-condemnation. Each semester ends with a Freedom Conference where we celebrate the work God has done.

Lead A Group

Consider leading a Life Group this semester as a possible next step in your spiritual journey. Be the connecting point for someone else and help motivate them to acts of love and good works. Experience the fulfillment of walking with others as they identify and take the next step in their own journey. You can sign up to lead a group at any point throughout the year by clicking the "Start a Group" button below!